It is the oldest mountain in Hangzhou,
With such cultural relics as the story of Dinglan carving a statue of his mother for paying respect to in the Han dynasty,the legend of beating the stone drum with Phoenix twig in the Jin dynasty,
Su Shi giving his poem as gift in the Song dynasty and Wang Meng living here as a hermit in the Yuan dynasty, it enjoys a perfect combination of rich culture and beautiful landscape.

Gao means highland by water and ting refers to the gathering of people

Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area is named after the Gaoting Mountain in the area, which was derived from God of Gaoting.
God of Gaoting was the god the ancestors of Gaoting worshiped,
Gao means highland by water and Ting refers to the gathering of people.
Therefore, Gaoting mountain is a highland in Hangzhou where “people settled down, and thrived” during its development.