Gaoting Mountain– With an advantageous geographical location of about 18 kilometers from the city center in the northeast of the metropolis Hangzhou City, stretching 9 kilometers from east to west, and about 2.5 kilometers from north to south, it is the east offset of the Tianmu Mountains. The peaks from the west to the east are: Banshan Mountain, Gaoting Mountain, Huanghe Mountain, Fori Mountain and so on. Among them, Gaoting Mountain is the highest peak with an elevation of 361.1 meters, and all peaks are collectively known as Gaoting Mountains. Gaoting Mountains traverses the north of the city and stretches for ten miles. It is the northern gateway of Hangzhou City and a strategically important place, which has been a hotly contested spot since ancient times. The Scenic Area of Gaoting Mountain is adjacent to Xingqiao Town in Yuhang District in the east, connects Banshan Town in Gongshu District in the west, includes Shangtang River in the south, and bounded by the ridge line of Gaoting Mountain and Huanghe Mountain in the north, with a total area of about 5.1 square kilometers.

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